One Family Blesses Another One Family in the Spirit of Thanksgiving

imagesShared by Linda Dove:

Last night I was shopping for condiments for the BHOB pantry at the Gresham Winco. A woman and her daughter were passing by and stopped to look in my cart. The woman said,”Wow! You are really stocking up! ” I laughed and said, “Oh it’s not for me. I help run a food pantry.” She asked which one and that led to a conversation about BHOB. The woman said, “Well, we’re just headed back to pick up our Thanksgiving turkey. Would you be willing to meet us at the checkstand in 5 minutes?” So 5 minutes later I met the mom and daughter up front. The daughter has a huge smile on her face as she hands me a 20 lb. turkey and says, “Here. This is to help one of your pantry families to have a happy Thanksgiving!”
One family blesses another…One family

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